Best practices for Collections

This article is for Admins of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow.

Collections make it easier for users to discover trusted, quality content about your technologies. They also promote participation and engagement by allowing members to curate and contribute content, and vote, share, and comment on collections.

In this article, we share a few guidelines and best practices to help you create collections.

Best practices

  • As an Admin, you'll need to create each new collection. We recommend you add a few questions and answers or articles to get started, but then allow the community to curate and add content.
  • When you create a new collection, use a clear title and specify the goal and intended audience in the description.
  • Use private Discussions with your Recognized Members to brainstorm additional topics for collections.

Thought starters for collections

Here are a few ideas to help you get started with creating new Collections that will be interesting and useful to Members of your Collective.

  • A "Fundamentals" collection for each technology included in your Collective. This collection would be designed for developers who are in the early stages of learning about or using your technology.
  • An "FAQ" collection for each technology included in your Collective. This can be based on the content with the most views or votes. This may help reduce duplicate questions by highlighting the best questions related to a subject
  • A collection that includes questions and answers and articles for solving a specific problem

Our Customer Success and Community team can help you brainstorm additional collections that would be helpful to Members of your Collective!