Reach the world’s largest community of passionate and self-motivated tech talent.

Our Employer Branding solution helps you show developers and technologists what it’s like to work at your company.

Do you have an employer branding strategy?

Our employer branding solution will help you attract and engage the right tech talent so you can focus on recruitment and retention.

Employer Branding
Stack Overflow will get your brand in front of millions of technologists who may not be familiar with your company.
Stack Overflow will serve as a platform to share your employer brand story and value proposition with tech talent.
You can connect with potential candidates who want to learn more about your company or apply for open roles.
You can build relationships with tech talent to facilitate the recruitment process and support your retention goals.
decrease in cost per hire seen in organizations with a strong employer
increase in the quality of hires reported by companies that invest in their Employee Value Proposition.
of candidates say that a negative employer brand can change their mind about a role or company they once liked.

Stay top-of-mind among the best candidates.

Introduce your brand to millions of developers and technologists.

Make your company more attractive to new tech talent by increasing awareness of your employer brand at scale, which can also help with retention among current team members. 

Become an employer of choice.

Build strong relationships with a community that may not be familiar with your products, services and culture. Engage tech talent by showcasing your company as a leading innovator.

Find your next new tech hire.

Stack Overflow attracts tech talent with the experience and traits you’re looking for. They ask questions, share knowledge and love to learn new skills. You can entice them to learn more about your company with targeted on-site advertising, branded pages and engaging content.

Grow your pipeline.

Our solution can help speed up your time-to-hire by driving developers to learn more about your company and relevant open roles. You can reach new potential candidates and re-engage with candidates already in your pipeline with your employer brand.

Automatically generated Company Page Ads drive traffic to your Company Page.
  • Stay top-of-mind among relevant tech talent by telling your story
  • Engage the right talent with ads that encourage users to explore your Company Page

With Stack Overflow being one of the biggest platforms in the tech community, it’s definitely a great source of talent.

Anna KaiserTech Recruiter at FINN