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Customer case studies

Founded in 2007, Dropbox offers secure, flexible cloud storage and file sharing for individuals, teams, and enterprise customers.


Liberty Mutual implemented a high-performing DevOps culture to increase stability, shorten release cycles, and deliver value faster.


Centralizing knowledge made critical answers easier to find, allowing 84.51° to grow a distributed team at scale.

Data analytics

Subject matter experts got a productivity boost when answers became easily available to all


Customers found answers faster and support engineers had more time for major projects


Engineers at Expensify go from having “terrible documentation systems” to feeling empowered as soon as they onboard.


After experimenting and researching, Grandcentrix landed on Teams to help them better communicate and document cross-functionally.


Technology-driven trading firm IMC leveraged Teams to share knowledge across distributed, global offices.


Flex uses Teams to capture historical context and finally rid themselves of inconsistent and disorganized documentation.

Health & wellness

Machine learning company Primer used Stack Overflow for Teams to fill knowledge gaps and scale institutional knowledge at pace with their growing team.


Stack Overflow for Teams “takes off like wildfire” for Microsoft’s 50,000+ developers, resulting in a ripple effect out from internal questions to customer-facing support.


Elastic’s customer support revamped the Support-to-Engineering pipeline, giving employees hours of their day back.


Usage of the Stack Overflow for Teams grew strongly during the pandemic


E-health service Doctolib applies its virtual mindset inward, making 100% remote onboarding a breeze


Intuit wanted to help its developers and technologists break down silos between departments and improve communication across global offices. 


Box noticed Q&A was becoming a bottleneck for engineering support. They found a solution that increased collaboration and boosted productivity.


Read 40+ case studies from Stack Overflow for Teams customers Learn about the KPIs and other challenges customers wanted to improve by bringing in Stack Overflow for Teams and the operational and organizational impacts they have seen as a result of introducing the platform.

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“We don’t have questions that are unanswered more than a couple minutes. It just doesn’t happen. The user adoption and engagement with the platform has been very impressive.”

Tyler McDougall
Development Team Lead

“If you have a question, if you have some clarification that you need, instead of overwhelming everyone on Slack or an email, there's a queue. Questions are created, somebody is monitoring the questions and responding, and this has improved productivity across the board.”

Eddie Flaiser
Head of Engineering

“As we started to use [Stack Overflow for Teams] and saw how nice it was to have a repository of information, we started to see it spread to other teams. Our customer support team started using it, our people success team started using it, next thing we knew, we had [Slack] integrations all over the place.”

David Drake

“It saves us time on a day to day basis and also a huge amount when onboarding a new developer.”

Morgan Jones
Director of Engineering

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