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Over 90% of IT organizations are exploring or implementing DevOps to accelerate solutions delivery. Reduce distractions and improve productivity with a platform that captures knowledge and repeat questions.

How do I submit a data request?
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Primer users Stack Overflow for Teams to build their DevOps roadmap
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Enable career growth and upskill efforts

Encourage development and growth using a proven tool your team is already familiar with. 82% of developers visit Stack Overflow at least once a week, making adoption a breeze.

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Bridge the gap between engineering and other business units

When technical knowledge needs to be dispersed to a variety of teams, make sure each team gets information with the right context. As DevOps moves closer to the business, our platform supports cross-functional collaboration.

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What is our product development process?

When I first took on the DevOps role, there was not a lot of tooling, no great automation, and a lot of decentralized decisions. Our teams can be siloed, but if someone needs a bit of code, that’s where Stack Overflow for Teams really shines for us.

Trevor Bossert
DevOps Manager, Primer

Stack Overflow for Teams is great for documenting one-off developer questions. We now have a centralized and searchable platform to keep documentation for popular questions from our developer teams.

Kyla Bouldin
Software Engineer, Barkbox

It’s [Stack Overflow for Teams] been a resource for our entire company. Not only for developers to solve problems, it’s also enabled our sales field to answer technical questions that help them close deals. It’s permeated the company in every way.

Ryan J Salva
Director of Product Management, Developer Services Division, Microsoft

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