We’re bringing AI power to your knowledge community.

Enhanced Search

Upgrade your search experience.

Summarize multiple answers across your knowledge base into new insights.
Source and summarize knowledge to move past blockers faster.
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Get summarized insights from the global Stack Overflow community.
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Stack Overflow for Visual Studio Code

Take your developer experience to the next level.

The power of Stack Overflow in your coding environment.
Better understand how your code works with code explanations.
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Share your discoveries back to your team without breaking your flow.
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Auto-Answer App

Automate access to essential team knowledge.

Spend less time and resources providing and searching for answers.
Source information automatically without needing Slack commands.
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Return answers automatically to select Microsoft Teams channels.
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Level up your Enterprise plan.

OverflowAI is a GenAI-powered add-on for Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise.


Custom pricing
Let’s talk about what you need
Premium features of Business plus…
Unlimited Teams within your instance
Communites on Teams
Robust read and write API
Your own customer success and community building representative
99.5% uptime SLA and priority support
Content Health

Unlimited teammates

+$10 additional cost
per user/per month
Enhanced Search
Stack Overflow for Visual Studio Code
Auto-Answer App
More features coming soon…

Your top questions answered

Frequently asked questions.

We already use GitHub Copilot. How is this different?

AI-powered code generation tools like GitHub Copilot make it easier to write boilerplate code, but they don’t eliminate the need to consult with your organization’s domain experts to work through logic, debugging, and other complex problems.
Stack Overflow for Teams is a knowledge-sharing platform that transfers contextual knowledge validated by your domain experts to other employees, and can even be used to foster a code generation community of practice that champions early adopters and scales their learnings. OverflowAI makes this trusted internal knowledge—along with knowledge validated by the global Stack Overflow community—instantly accessible in places like your IDE so it can be used alongside code generation tools to learn more about your codebase and speed up your time-to-production.

We already have too many tools. Why do we need this?

Sometimes the number of tools isn’t the problem—low tool adoption is. Low tool adoption often occurs because people don’t know where to find help or who to ask about issues, processes, and best practices.
This is where Stack Overflow for Teams shines—it drives tool adoption by scaling communities of practice and domain expertise. Many organizations use it to optimize their developer experience, and OverflowAI takes it to the next level with validated answers that span your internal community, stackoverflow.com, and soon, tools like GitHub and Jira. To prevent tool switching, we offer a robust read/write API and out-of-the-box integrations. And to help drive long-term engagement, we offer tailored knowledge management services and actionable analytics.

We already use ChatGPT. How is this different?

ChatGPT is designed to generate answers for individuals, using existing resources. People can save their prompt history, but others in the organization can’t discover or search their history. That leaves people operating in silos, potentially duplicating efforts or expanding knowledge gaps. ChatGPT also doesn’t maintain and update knowledge.
Stack Overflow for Teams is built with a knowledge-sharing community as the foundation. It removes silos by collecting and distributing trusted knowledge throughout your organization, and can even be used alongside ChatGPT to foster a community of practice. Features like Content Health and Communities encourage teams to document, validate, and maintain knowledge in a central place. OverflowAI then summarizes this knowledge—along with knowledge validated by the global Stack Overflow community—into attributed insights in your web browser, IDE, and chat apps.

How is this different from Enterprise Search tools?

Enterprise Search tools are great for surfacing existing knowledge, but they aren’t great for documenting or managing new knowledge.
Stack Overflow for Teams provides a fresh source of contextual knowledge that’s shared, validated, and maintained by your internal community. It offers features like gamification, Communities, and Content Health that Enterprise Search tools typically don’t have, and has a robust read/write API so you can surface Stack Overflow for Teams knowledge in your own portals and search tools. Enhanced Search upgrades your search experience by summarizing the most relevant search results across private and public Stack Overflow knowledge into answers that attribute sources.

This looks like just another thing I would need to manage.

Good news: We do a lot of the management for you!
Stack Overflow for Teams and OverflowAI are hosted by us so you’ll always be on the latest version and have uninterrupted access to new features. You’ll also receive white-glove support with our tailored knowledge management services, which include onboarding and training, communication best practices and templates, rollout planning, and more. We’ve even been awarded “Most Implementable” by G2. And much of the platform has been designed to programmatically promote engagement with features like smart recommendations and gamification.