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Q4 Hotfix Release

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Subscription Lifecycle

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How long can a user stay in ‘past due’ status?
What is the Life Cycle of a user subscription?
How do I cancel a user’s subscription?
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Reduce time to problem resolution

Don’t let errors and bugs slow the team down. Through asynchronous collaboration and knowledge retention, enable engineers to quickly resolve failure.

How do I submit a data request?
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Level up team member performance

Boost the collective technical capabilities of your team. Smash silos and catalyze cross-team collaboration.

How build locally?
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Thanks, I had the same question!
Hey @Jav
Jav ier @javier
Jav a Devs @java-devs
Jav a Admins @java-admins

Reduce the new hire learning curve

Protect senior engineers from distracting, ad hoc questions. Make training and onboarding a breeze for new hires.

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Onboarding FAQ

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Which holidays do we have off?
How do I get my local setup?

We don’t have questions that are unanswered more than a couple minutes. It just doesn’t happen. The user adoption and engagement with the platform has been very impressive.

Morgan Jones
Director of Engineering, Flex

It’s [Stack Overflow for Teams] been a resource for our entire company. Not only for developers to solve problems, it’s also enabled our sales field to answer technical questions that help them close deals. It’s permeated the company in every way.

Ryan J Salva
Director of Product Management, Developer Services Division, Microsoft

It’s far better than a wiki, which takes time to write, makes guesses about what people will need to know, and gets stale over time. This stays as up-to-date, relevant, and useful as the regular Stack Overflow, without any extra effort.

J.J. Fliegelman
Chief Technology Officer, WayUp

We’re building a valuable, well-curated knowledge base.

Jeremy Williams
Engineering, Factset

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product managers and engineers at Microsoft leverage Stack Overflow for Teams to problem solve and deliver a better user experience
of Teams questions are answered by colleagues outside of one’s department at one of the largest provider of car insurance
of all questions at IMC asked on Stack Overflow for Teams are answered in minutes through the Slack integration
increase in development time for high-value team members by minimizing distraction at Unqork

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