Guide to making the most of the new Stack Overflow for Teams homepage

Learn how the new Stack Overflow for Teams homepage makes it easier to share knowledge, collaborate with peers, and gain new insights.

We want Stack Overflow for Teams to be where you start your workday. To achieve that, the experience should be personalized and intuitive so sharing knowledge, collaborating with peers, and gaining new insights is a breeze. Read on to learn how the new homepage experience makes navigating your site a lot easier.

What's changed and why

On the previous homepage you had to navigate to different parts of the site to get content updates. Now you’ll see “For You” notifications, questions and answers, articles, Communities, and other content you care about in a single place as soon as you log in. The new experience is also more personalized—we use your tag preferences and Communities membership to surface trending content and activity. We made these changes so you switch context less, get answers to your questions faster, and can prioritize site actions more effectively.

Kick off your workday in a positive way

Your “For You” feed is now on the homepage so you’re alerted of Content Health reviews, new questions for tags you're a subject matter expert of, interactions with your content, and other updates. "For You" is great for prioritizing tasks and getting updates on your Stack Overflow for Teams content. To mark notifications as read, click the checkmark.

Focus on what matters most to your work

You'll also see questions and articles that are trending on your site for a particular month. To control this view, update your tag preferences to topics most relevant to your work and projects. These posts are sorted by votes, so make sure to upvote content you find helpful! You can upvote and bookmark trending posts directly from the homepage.

Asking questions that go unanswered can be a frustrating experience. You'll now see top unanswered questions on the homepage so you're empowered to answer them or recommend qualified peers. Similar to trending content, these questions display based on your tag preferences and are sorted by the number of votes.

Communities are shared spaces in Stack Overflow for Teams where you and your peers can learn, share, and solve problems around specific topics or domains. You'll now see activity for Communities you're a member of on the homepage. If you're not a member of a Community, join one relevant to your projects and goals or try creating one yourself.

Contribute to your community with purpose

Content feels more meaningful when you know it’s helping others. On the homepage, you’ll see your badge progress and how many people have upvoted, followed, or bookmarked your content so contributing to your site is more meaningful and fun.

Navigating your site just got a lot easier

We hope the new Stack Overflow for Teams homepage becomes your go-to place for updates on the content you care about most. Happy exploring!