Introducing OverflowAI

OverflowAI combines the innovative power of GenAI with Stack Overflow’s trusted knowledge management platform.

Companies from Microsoft and Bloomberg to Expensify and Dropbox rely on Stack Overflow for Teams for knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Our platform facilitates the collection, curation, and dissemination of institutional knowledge. It’s familiar to developers, easy to embed into technical workflows, and closes the distance between people and the knowledge they need.

Now, we’re leveraging the power of GenAI to connect employees with knowledge faster. OverflowAI is a GenAI-powered add-on module for Stack Overflow for Teams that does the heavy lifting required to discover and distill information into a coherent answer. It combines the innovative power of GenAI with Stack Overflow’s trusted knowledge management platform, improving developer experience and accelerating time to value.

What’s launching?

OverflowAI is a module with three features: Stack Overflow for Visual Studio Code, Enhanced Search, and Auto-Answer App for Slack. Independently and in harmony, they’ll help your teams work more productively, freed from a lot of toil and uncertainty.

Stack Overflow for Visual Studio Code (IDE extension)

Stack Overflow for Visual Studio Code lets developers search and post content to their company’s Teams site and to the public Stack Overflow site directly from their IDE (integrated development environment). Stack Overflow for VS Code also allows devs to access and learn from both AI- and human-generated content simultaneously, further shortening the distance from question to answer.

There’s no need for costly context-switching to find answers; developers can look for or contribute content to Stack Overflow for Teams and without being pulled completely out of their productive flow. The time and mental energy saved in the moment might seem minimal, but those savings mount over time, leading to more engaged developers who are less likely to suffer from burnout. Investing in developer productivity also helps you get products to market faster.

Problems solved:

  • To find the answers they’re looking for, developers have to leave their IDE and disrupt their flow state in order to search and post content to Stack Overflow for Teams or These interruptions cost productivity and erode developer happiness.
  • Users rely on AI-generated code that lacks business context and hasn’t been verified by humans. AI CodeGen tools certainly have their advantages, but research shows that overreliance on these tools can lead to code churn and tech debt.


  • Developers can find answers to their questions seamlessly, without so much as opening a new tab. Protecting flow state not only makes devs more productive; it makes them more content and fulfilled at work.
  • Users can instantly validate the accuracy and trustworthiness of AI-generated responses, without worrying that hallucinations will creep into the equation.
Stack Overflow for Visual Studio Code

Enhanced Search

Enhanced Search on Stack Overflow for Teams uses GenAI to help people ask better questions and find the best answers. It understands not only what users are asking, but what they really need to know—and where to find that information. Enhanced Search shortens the time required to articulate and summarize your question and then aggregate and summarize the most relevant results.

With Enhanced Search, users can enter their questions directly into the search box and receive AI-generated summaries based on pre-existing questions, answers, and other content. Those responses will include sources and citations, so humans can validate the quality of the responses, and users can offer feedback to support reinforcement learning.

Problems solved:

  • Developers waste time sifting through search results to find the best answer, distracting them and pulling them out of their focus state.
  • Users must assess the quality or reliability of AI-generated responses; they can’t be sure if the AI is hallucinating.


  • Developers get more relevant answers faster, helping them sidestep blockers and make more progress on their projects without wasting time searching for answers or interrupting their colleagues to ask for help.
  • Devs get a better understanding of how their code works and learn new approaches they might not have considered.
Enhanced Search

Auto-Answer App for Slack

Auto-Answer App for Slack automatically searches a customer’s Stack Overflow for Teams instance and returns answers in Slack—without requiring user actions like @ or / commands. This feature scales community knowledge and automates the process of searching for knowledge, answering questions, and correcting inaccurate answers. Just like Stack Overflow for VS Code, this integration gives devs access to insights from your knowledge community without the need for context-switching that costs time and energy. A familiar and intuitive chat interface makes it simple to ask the AI a question and get your answer—instead of pinging a colleague, which interrupts their flow state and leaves you waiting (who knows how long!) for an answer.

Problems solved:

  • Senior developers end up answering the same question over and over when a perfectly good answer, rooted in business context and validated by human experts, exists in the knowledge base.
  • The friendly, accessible chat interface makes it easy for new team members to get answers that have been documented by more seasoned developers and engineers.


  • Auto-Answer App for Slack sources and surfaces information in the flow of work.
  • It tunes out distractions, reduces noise, and cuts down on the time users spend asking and answering repeat questions.
Auto-Answer App for Slack

The value of Overflow AI

OverflowAI enables you to tap into your organization’s collective wisdom while keeping the number of clicks and new tabs to a minimum. The solutions your developers need are often accessible outside of their flow of work, and they require the ability to search for solutions within those workflows—in their IDE, in developer portals, in chats. OverflowAI not only delivers that; it also helps devs find answers faster by providing a search layer capable of understanding their intent and providing AI-generated summaries.

In short, OverflowAI helps connect technologists to solutions faster, reducing the cognitive burden of searching for technical and institutional knowledge by surfacing and sourcing answers right in the environments devs work in.