A world without cookies

Learn about the implications of third-party cookie deprecation and explore potential solutions to thrive in a cookieless world.

Online marketing has relied on third-party cookies for more than two decades to target consumers with messages and encourage them to buy products. However, as consumers demand greater privacy over their personal data, major browser companies have either already phased out or are in the process of phasing out third-party cookies.

In January 2024, Google initiated the rollout of its new Tracking Protection feature, aimed at limiting cross-site tracking by automatically deprecating third-party cookies. The strategic phaseout has affected 1% of Chrome's global users so far, with the plan to reach all Chrome users by early 2025.

As a result, advertisers, tech ad publishers, and marketers must explore new, innovative methods to reach consumers online. While this presents significant challenges, it also offers exciting opportunities.

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