Guidelines and best practices for writing Articles for Collectives™

This article is for Admins and Recognized Members of a Collective.

What are Articles?

Articles are a new content type that exists on Collectives™ on Stack Overflow. They're intended for content that is relevant to a collective, but does not lend itself to the traditional Q&A format found on the site.

Currently, there are two types of Articles:

  • Knowledge Articles cover topics too broad or open-ended for a single Q&A. They may compare the pros and cons of different kinds of implementations or approaches and may be more subjective than is the norm in Q&A, provided opinion is backed by solid evidence.
  • How-to guides likely offer more than the answer to a single question, providing multiple steps (and potential pitfalls) on the path to accomplishing a technical goal. While it’s totally possible some overlap will occur, we see Articles as being a home for content that would be too wide of a scope to cover usefully in Q&A format.

Who can contribute Articles?

Articles may be contributed by Members, Recognized Members or Admins of a collective. Any Article contributed by Members must be reviewed and approved by a Recognized Member or Admin before it's published.

Are there guidelines and best practices for writing Articles?

Yes. These guidelines were written in partnership with the Stack Overflow Community. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines to ensure all Articles adhere to them.