Stack Overflow’s AI Journey: Lessons learned on the road to GenAI - from concept to reality

This webinar explores Stack Overflow's AI journey, sharing valuable lessons learned along the way.

As the AI landscape continues to evolve with the onset of LLMs and new AI developer tools, Stack Overflow believes the developer community can play a crucial role in how AI accelerates and helps with the accuracy and quality coming out of future GenAI solutions. In this webinar, we share our AI journey and our lessons learned through the process touching on:

  • The trials and tribulations going through the AI learning curve from first impressions of LLMs,
  • Engineering challenges we encountered such as the art of prompts,
  • And insights we gathered along the way, the importance of accuracy and integrating the human element.

Stack Overflow engineers Alex Warren and Michael Foree will walk you through this process, what we were able to create, build, and test using new GenAI concepts to remove developer friction and get to solutions faster while improving how communities connect and discover knowledge in a trusted, secure environment.