Bringing Stack Overflow for Teams into your organization

Bringing in any new platform or tool takes some pre-work. Following these steps to build the case for Stack Overflow for Teams makes it easier to show the value it will bring to your team and organization.

This guide compiles best practices from organizations of all sizes that have successfully brought in Stack Overflow for Teams.

Their insights and experiences will help you with the process of building internal support and securing funding for Stack Overflow for Teams. This blended approach includes inputs from large multinational corporations with more than 50,000 employees alongside insights from rapidly expanding organizations with fewer employees but high growth goals.

In this free how-to guide, we go deep into each step and provide you with additional resources and tools you'll need.

Step 1: Know the problem you need to solve
Step 2: Collect data
Step 3: Find your core group
Step 4: Start getting broad buy-in
Step 5: Enlist an executive sponsor
Step 6: Understand your purchase process
Step 7: Build your requirements list
Step 8: Consolidate input and requirements
Step 9: Gather and evaluate solution partners
Step 10: Plan your business case/request

Here's a sneak peek at two of the things you'll find in the guide...

A table with common pain points and their negative business impacts

Why the tools you have now aren't going to solve the problem

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