Solve mission-critical problems, fast.

Your team members can find information without leaving their current workstreams.

Capture knowledge from Slack before it's forgotten or disappears.

Reduce context switching with notifications in the apps you already use.

Make administration easier through Org-Wide App installs.

Ask questions from Slack

Stack Overflow for Teams fits right into your existing Slack workflow. Ask a question using /stack ask and reduce context and tool switching.

Instant notifications

Tailored notifications can be added to public and private channels for activities including mentions, questions, answers, comments, and watched tags.

Search for knowledge in Slack

Stay within Slack and simply mention @Stack Overflow for Teams followed by your query.

If you have a question, if you have some clarification that you need, instead of overwhelming everyone on Slack or an email, there's a queue. Questions are created, somebody is monitoring the questions and responding, and this has improved productivity across the board.

Eddie FlaiserHead of Engineering