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One tool to house everything your developers need to know.
From code to vacation policies. All up-to-date. All in one place.

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Prevent the interruptions that prevent deep work. Quick questions are rarely quick.

minutes lost every time a team member is interrupted.
Source: Fast Company
That time adds up to a lot of frustration,
for both the person answering and the person waiting for an answer.

More time for innovation.

How are you making sure your developers have time to learn and stretch and innovate? See how much time they’d have without unnecessary interruptions.

Total hours spent per day by people searching for solutions and answering questions

Number of developers and technologists at your company
Hours spent
High estimate
Low estimate
Day 1
41 hours
8 hours
Day 2
82 hours
16 hours
Day 3
123 hours
24 hours
Day 4
164 hours
32 hours
Day 5
205 hours
40 hours

Introducing the next generation of knowledge sharing.

We’re integrating GenAI into Teams, including a VS Code integration that brings knowledge from our community right into the area where developers find focus and get work done.

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Break down silos.
Build collaboration.

Empower every employee to contribute, learn, and nerd out in one place. So your most junior employee can share the knowledge of your most senior.

See how we help teams collaborate

“Stack Overflow has a dedicated platform for collaborators to come together to solve nebulous problems in an asynchronous, documented way with multiple perspectives that evolve into a structured format that captures collective insights.”

Source: Technology’s Future Is Human-Centered
2022 Forrester Research, Inc.

Level up your existing tools.

Stack Overflow for Teams works with your existing tech stack to centralize knowledge that’s scattered, buried, and impossible to find.

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An award-winning tool to attract and retain award winning talent.

Recruit the best developers and keep them by giving them the tool they already trust and use.

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Spring 2024
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Spring 2024
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Best Software Products 2024
Winter 2024
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Spring 2024
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Spring 2024
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Enterprise Leader (Knowledge Management, Knowledge Base, Q&A Platforms)
Spring 2024
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Spring 2024
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See how we help organizations…

Attract, onboard, and retain top talent.

When these questions are on Stack Overflow, I get to be more productive because I don't have to answer the same question twice.

See how Microsoft retained their top talent

Boost team productivity and collaboration.

Any programmer knows how to use Stack Overflow, so to have it applied to a single code base is just that much more valuable

See how Expensify boosted their productivity

Accelerate innovation.

We had these subject matter experts and they have a ton of arcane knowledge locked in their brains or possibly in some documents, but getting people to the right documents was really hard.

See how Dropbox accelerated their innovation