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Our reputation system lets you see the impact of your contributions.Trending questions let you know what is on your teams’ mind.With Communities teammates can form around a practice, project or technology.
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Bring AI and your knowledge community together to surface trusted answers into your developers' workflows.

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Summarize multiple answers across your knowledge base into new insights.
“Nearly every business function is an exercise in human interaction.
Even if knowledge can be codified, AI’s are not yet to the point where they can share experiences, add empathy, make certain critical decisions, and mentor —
We need community for that.”
CTO and Head of Technology,
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Our rich features are designed to connect your teams and create an engaged community.

Your experts happily contribute, verify and upvote correct info. Your info stays fresh and trusted.

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From onboarding guides to company-wide announcements, Articles keep all your critical info in one place. Easy to use. Easy to find.

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We’ve gamified the knowledge base. So your team has fun collaborating and getting work done.

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Info isn’t helpful if you have to remember exact phrasing or who told you. Our tags, collections, and search capabilities bring answers to your fingertips in seconds.

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Content Health ensures your knowledge base is trusted. It alerts you when answers need to be reviewed. So your content never becomes stale or inaccurate.

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Security is sacred. We keep info for your eyes only.

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Measure adoption, engagement & knowledge reuse with our dashboard so you can see how your team is engaging with knowledge over time.

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Bring people and knowledge together around a specific domain to share valuable resources and collaborate in focused ways.

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Get the answers from your Stack Overflow for Teams instance in Microsoft Teams or Slack. Get more context in GitHub and Jira. Make your other tools better.

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