Why employer branding is crucial in today’s hiring landscape

Alex Her, Global Employer Branding Lead at GoDaddy and employer branding expert, speaks about why investing in employer branding is crucial to get quality candidates in the pipeline.

We spoke with Alex Her, Global Employer Branding Lead at GoDaddy, about all things Employer Branding. Check out the snippets of our discussion below or watch the full webinar here.

How do you measure employer branding success?

Which companies have great Employer Branding strategies?

What Employer Branding strategies are most impactful?

Where should Employer Branding sit: Marketing or Talent?

How do you describe Employer Branding?

Why is Employer Branding important for companies?

How has the pandemic impacted Employer Branding?

How does Employer Branding help reach passive candidates?

Are we seeing a shift in company culture to a more remote future?

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What did you wish you knew about Employer Branding when you were getting started?

How do you create Employer Branding videos when employees are remote?

How important is it for your Consumer & Employer Brand to be linked?

How can a strong Employer Brand help when you can’t compete on salary?

How can a Talent Acquisition and an Employer Branding team work together?

Why is Employer Branding tricky to measure?