I’m a product marketer. Can Stack Overflow help me reach and engage developers interested in our technology?

Learn how Stack Overflow can support product marketers with a full portfolio of advertising solutions designed for the developer and technical community.

Marketing to developers and technologists is different than marketing to other B2B audiences. Reaching this group requires a sharp, no-nonsense approach and it can be hard to get it right. Fortunately for product marketers, Stack Overflow has gained valuable insight into this audience. When you spend a little time on our site, you can access the thoughts and opinions of millions of monthly visitors. The insights available on these sites can help you address marketing challenges such as:

  • Driving awareness and adoption of your tool or service
  • Understanding customer perception of your tool or service
  • Defining and refining your personas, value proposition, and messaging
  • Determining the right digital marketing channels to reach your target audience as part of your go-to-market strategy
  • Delivering content to support your digital marketing efforts
  • Understanding how your tool or service compares to the competition and how you can differentiate

For even more insight into our audience, you can read Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey, the largest worldwide survey of developers and technologists. Tens of thousands respond each year, providing a window into how technologists learn and level up their skills, as well as which tools they’re using and how they work. You can discover how they research about new technologies, and even understand how much influence they have over technology purchasing decisions in their organizations.

In addition, product marketers can turn to Stack Overflow to see which topic tags are trending among the 60,000 tags that are active on the site. Researching topic tags directly on Stack Overflow is a quick and easy way to inform your SEO/SEM keyword strategies, build technical content that answers popular questions, and identify new use cases for your product or service.