More than a buzzword: Getting started with employer branding

In a fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving job market, strong employer branding helps companies attract people whose skills and interests align with the organization’s identity and goals. But what does good employer branding look like, and how do you get there?

In this webinar, Patrick McCue, Stack Overflow’s Senior Managing Director of Employer Branding, talks with Jessica Miller-Merrill, a workplace change agent and author focused on human resources and talent acquisition, about how strong employer branding is critical to attracting the right candidates and building high-performing teams. You’ll learn:

  • Why understanding your audience is critical to good employer branding
  • How tailoring engaging, authentic content to candidate personas helps surface the best candidates
  • What metrics to use to evaluate the success of your employer branding efforts
  • The importance of crafting a differentiation strategy that sets you apart from other companies
  • Examples of employer branding that align with and express a company’s core values

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