It works: A true developer-first marketing strategy

Northwoods Software, a high performing advertiser on Stack Overflow, shares their perspective on what makes for a great developer-first marketing strategy.

We spoke with Julie Loschiavo, Marketing Manager at Northwoods Software about what makes their developer advertising campaigns so successful on Stack Overflow.

Here are a few things she said:

  • Our developer marketing strategy...focused on what developers are looking for. Developers aren’t looking for ads, so the goal is to make our ads not look like ads.
  • Taking the developer interest and thinking about that first and foremost has really been one of the reasons why our marketing strategy has been so successful.
  • One of our engineers, who actually built GoJS, is a top contributor on Stack Overflow. His answers have reached millions of people over the years. That’s great for us because we can position ourselves in the broader community - we’re seen as always having a solution and being active problem solvers. It’s helped expand our reach beyond just our own community.