I’m launching a new technology product or service. How does Stack Overflow fit in my go-to-market plan?

How do you break through the noise and make your product stand out in a crowded marketplace?

One of the most exciting projects that can land on a B2B marketer’s desk is the opportunity to launch a new product. But once you’ve taken on this assignment, the pressure is on to make a splash. How do you break through the noise and make your product stand out in a crowded marketplace? Stack Overflow has a variety of ways to help you cut through the clutter and reach a technical audience.

Here are five ways B2B tech marketers can rely on Stack Overflow Advertising to support their product launch goals:

  1. Banner Advertising – With millions of monthly users on Stack Overflow and our Technical Stack Exchange sites, we can drive awareness for your product among the largest developer and tech community in the world.
  2. Site Sponsorship Stack Overflow has more than 60 technology-focused network sites that are built by passionate people who want to learn and share knowledge. In addition to a unique branding opportunity, site sponsorships give you a 50% share of voice for banner advertising on that site, maximizing your launch announcement and brand recognition.
  3. Newsletter Advertising – Promote your product announcement or launch event in our newsletter, The Overflow, which reaches millions of opted-in subscribers. We only feature one advertiser in each issue, so your launch isn’t competing for attention.
  4. Podcast Advertising – The Stack Overflow podcast provides the opportunity to capture developers’ attention in an authentic way. With thousands of downloads of each episode, your product announcement will be seamlessly woven into each episode’s content by our hosts.
  5. Sponsored Blog Posts – Our blog is visited by hundreds of thousands of developers every month, providing the perfect opportunity to showcase your product to the people who are most likely to use it.