How do I promote my webinar or virtual event to a technical audience?

For B2B event marketers, virtual events have likely become an integral part of your strategy even after the pandemic. You're not alone if you're always on the lookout for new ways to drive registrations and promote your next virtual event.

Here are three ways marketers have turned to Stack Overflow Advertising to achieve their event marketing goals:

  1. Banner Advertising – With millions of technologists visiting Stack Overflow and our Technical Stack Exchange sites each month, we can drive awareness for your event among the largest developer and tech community in the world.
  2. Newsletter Advertising – Promote your webinars and other virtual events in our newsletter, The Overflow, which reaches millions of opted-in subscribers. We only feature one advertiser in each issue, so your event isn’t competing for attention.
  3. Sponsored Blog Posts – Our blog is visited by hundreds of thousands of developers every month, providing the perfect opportunity to showcase your event in a deeper way. Here’s an example showing how we worked with Facebook to publish a post that shares a behind-the-scenes look at the developers who create the coding questions for the company’s annual Hacker Cup: The puzzle masters behind Facebook’s Hacker Cup explain how they craft the questions.

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