How many developers visit Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow receives 100+ million monthly visits from developers on average.

World map
Top 10 countries with the most traffic:
US, India, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Brazil, Russia, Australia, and Spain
of developers visit us at least once per week
questions posted every minute to Stack Overflow

What kinds of developers visit Stack Overflow?

Full-stack, front-end, back-end, you name it, they are visiting Stack Overflow. Check out our 2022 Developer Survey to see more about our audience.

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47% consider themselves full-stack developers
10% consider themselves DevOps specialists

How do you reach your target audience?

We target your ads based on Topic Tags

Topic Tags categorize content

Every question on Stack Overflow has to have at least one Topic Tag which matches the content.

Illustration of a tag on Stack Overflow

Our tagging rules

For every question we require at least one and the maximum is five.
We have processes in place to make sure topic tags are relevant to the question asked.
To create a new topic tag, the user needs a reputation of at least 1500 (13% of users).

Are Topic Tags the same as hashtags?

They are similar in what they do - put content into a category(ies). But very different in how...

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have no structure or rules around hashtags. Someone could add as many as they want to a post and the hashtags don’t have to be relevant to the content.

Hashtags illustration

On some platforms hashtags are used because they are popular, rather than relevant.

Topic Tags predict and reflect current technology trends

Since 2010, our Topic Tags have predicted and reflected changes in the market.

Graph of 2019 Stack Overflow Tag Trends

Stack Overflow Questions by tag


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With 3.2 million questions & 3.6 million answers, these sites are often on the first page of Google results.

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