Introduction to user roles – Enterprise plan

An overview of the roles that can be assigned to users within the Stack Overflow for Teams knowledge sharing and collaboration platform.


An activated user has access to the platform via SSO login. On Enterprise, the reputation point thresholds are customizable, and the below numbers are defaults within the platform.


The person who establishes the Team is an Admin, and there is no limit on the number of Admins on a Team. To upgrade the status of a User to an Admin, an existing Admin must update the Role under Admins Settings > Users and Permissions. The same path is used to revoke the privilege.


Moderators play a critical role in the management of your Team. To upgrade the status of a User to a Moderator, an existing Admin must update the Role under Admins Settings > Users and Permissions. Additional permissions will be added to the Moderator role on the Business plan in the near future.

User Admin Moderator
Post a question/answer
Edit a question/answer
Close a question
Accept an answer on behalf of asker
Interact with posts via upvotes, emojis, and comments
Write an Article
Add a new Collection
Earn reputation points
Edit Articles
Mark a question as obsolete with 350 reputation points
Access moderator tools with 1000 reputation points
Edit a question/answer with 500 reputation points
Start a bounty with 75 reputation points
Flag posts with 15 reputation points
See vote counts on any question or answer with 100 reputation points
Protect a question by requiring a certain reputation score to answer it with 1750 reputation points
Access and manage the Content Health queue with 350 reputation points
Low-quality Posts - edit questions/answers with 500 reputation points
Suggested Edits with 350 reputation points
Content Health with 350 reputation points
Close Votes with 350 reputation points
First Posts with 350 reputation points
Late Answers with 350 reputation points
Reopen Votes with 350 reputation points
Follow up on flagged posts
Evaluate new posts
Review suggested edits
Edit Tags
Close duplicate questions
Delete questions/answer and Collections
Lock posts
Access addition data including votes and profiles
Perform large-scale maintenance actions such as merging questions and Tags
Access management including timed suspensions and deactivation of users
Site customizations such as appearance
Messages including banners, onboarding content, and tour page
Set reputation thresholds
Create Custom Awards
Manage user access with invitations, deactivations, and User Groups
Adjust content settings for Articles, Unified Search, and Content Health
Create and modify settings for integrations and apps
Manage email notifications
Manually trigger the maintenance and cleanup of Tags
Serve as an authority when contacting support

Subject Matter Expert

Users, Admins, or Moderators can be assigned as Subject Matter Expert for a specific Tag. Only Team Admins and Moderators can set or remove a Subject Matter Expert from a Tag by visiting Tags > Choosing a Tag > Manage Subject Matter Experts. Subject Matter Experts are not roles within the platform but rather a distinguished status.

Community Manager

A Community Manager defines the rules of the community while the Moderators enforce the rules. They set policies, define strategy, and own the tactics to move the community to the desired outcome. They are the experts on the community and the culture in which it resides. Community Managers are not roles within the platform but rather a key champion for Stack Overflow for Teams within your organization. In some cases a Community Manger has an Admin or Moderator role within the Stack Overlfow for Teams platfom as well.