Low context DevOps: Helping DevOps find answers faster

If you aren't familiar with Low-Context DevOps, watch this free 27-minute on-demand webinar.

On demand webinar

Your developers are experiencing knowledge frustration - the frustration that happens when siloed knowledge blocks them from doing their job.

It's common. It happens to new teammates who are getting up to speed, experienced people moving between projects, and people who are on call and who receive an alert they've never seen before.

Knowledge frustration is fixable. It requires creating a Low-Context DevOps environment.

If you aren't familiar with Low-Context DevOps, you should watch this free 27 minute on demand webinar.

Stack Overflow's SRE manager, Tom Limoncelli, is a world recognized SysAdmin and DevOps pundit. In this webinar, he explains:

What are high context and low-context cultures.
Why DevOps should strive to be low-context.
3 ways you can reduce the context of your DevOps environment.