Launch communication plan messaging

Sample messaging you can use to announce Stack Overflow for Teams at your company.

For the full success kit read Make Stack Overflow for Teams work wonders for your team.

Email or chat message 1

2 weeks prior to launch

Hi team,

I’m excited to share that we’re giving each of you access to Stack Overflow for Teams, a knowledge sharing platform that makes it easier to capture and reuse our internal knowledge. It will serve as a central hub for our processes, best practices, etc. so they’re not scattered across chat, email, and other tools.

If you’re not familiar with Stack Overflow’s format or need a refresher on asking or answering questions, watch this 2-minute video and check out this user guide. We’re releasing it company-wide on <Date> so be on the lookout for an invitation that asks you to join our Team.

In the meantime, start thinking of our company’s most frequently asked questions. These are prime candidates for adding to Stack Overflow for Teams at launch. Let me know if you have any questions.


Email or chat message 2

1 week prior to launch

Hi team,

As I’ve mentioned, we’re counting down the days until the Stack Overflow for Teams launch on <Date>. If you have 30 minutes between now and then, think of frequently asked questions that can be added to the site.

I’ve also installed an integration with <Chat platform>. This integration will allow you to curate and search our knowledge base from within chat so you don’t have to switch applications. Also, by asking and answering questions on Stack Overflow for Teams instead of exclusively in chat, we’re preventing them from getting lost in old threads, which can be a massive time suck!

I’ll send instructions for using Stack Overflow for Teams in <Chat platform> when we launch next week.


Email or chat message 3

Launch day

Hi team,

Happy launch day! Each of you should have received a Stack Overflow for Teams invitation by now. If not, use this link to join: <link >.

Here are some tips to get the most out of it in the coming days and weeks:

  • Customize your profile - Add a photo, title, projects, skills and expertise, how long you’ve been with the company, and hobbies and interests to your profile. If you already have a Stack Overflow profile on the public platform, create a separate profile for our Team.
  • Watch or ignore tags - Tags categorize questions and answers so they can be found faster. You can “watch” or “ignore” tags relevant to you by going to Settings > Email Settings > Tag watching & ignoring.
  • Use it in <Chat platform> - You can ask/answer questions, search the knowledge base, and get notifications from within <Chat platform> so you don’t have to change applications. To learn how, visit this page (share Slack article or Microsoft Teams article).

Also, if you have time today, ask and answer your own question to help grow our knowledge base:

  1. Start a new question draft
  2. Use the question as the title
  3. Draft the question in total in the body
  4. Click “Answer my own question” at the bottom of the page
  5. Include your answer
  6. Hit save

Email or chat message 4

2 days post-launch

Hi team,

We’ve managed to ask ___ questions, provide ___ answers, and create ___ tags. Great start!

What can you do next to ensure our knowledge base and community grow?

  • Ask questions in our Stack Overflow for Teams instance.
  • Follow and create tags to stay on top of new information.
  • When you see someone asking questions in chat, use the integration to suggest that they ask the question in Stack Overflow for Teams instead.

I’ll continue to keep you all updated on how our Team is growing. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.