Improving communication between engineering and everyone else

Discover tactics your team can employ to resolve communication issues and foster a shared language across the entire organization.

In many companies, there’s often not just a communication gap, but a gaping chasm, between engineering and everyone else in the business. That has a massive impact throughout the company: A study from SIS International Research found that the average employee spends nearly 40% of their time clarifying poor communications and following up on requests for information. In a company of 100 people, that could translate into productivity losses worth $530,000 per year.

So what can we do to address this gap and give our employees the tools and framework to proactively collaborate and openly communicate? This ebook will help showcase why these communication problems occur, and offer strategies that your team can use to solve them and get the whole organization to speak the same language.

How do we bridge the communication gap?

The key to better communication across the enterprise doesn’t always mean more communication—the focus is on delivering the right information in the right format, and ensuring that it’s available to all team members at all times.

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