3 March 2022

Stack Overflow for Teams Challenges Knowledge Management Market with Content Health

Created to reduce and prevent the core pain point of traditional knowledge management tools, Content Health proactively identifies outdated content within Stack Overflow for Teams and prompts teams to fix or archive inaccurate information.

NEW YORK CITY – March 3, 2022Stack Overflow today announced Content Health features for Stack Overflow for Teams, the company’s leading SaaS knowledge sharing and collaboration platform. The rise of hybrid and distributed workforces continues to propel knowledge management solutions as business critical. Yet, outdated and inaccurate content building up over time in an organization’s knowledge and documentation repository consistently leads to declining usage and value. Created to reduce and prevent this core pain point, Content Health proactively identifies outdated content within Stack Overflow for Teams and prompts teams to fix or archive inaccurate information.

“Nearly every technology leader has experienced knowledge management tools becoming inactive and irrelevant within an organization due to a lack of investment in maintaining the institutional knowledge within it. Users lose confidence in the existing content, rendering it ineffective over time,” said Stack Overflow Chief Product Officer Teresa Dietrich. “Outdated content should not be the eventual norm and expectation of knowledge management tools. Content Health empowers teams to recognize and prioritize their knowledge debt much like their tech debt, removing the limited lifespan we've come to expect.”

Stack Overflow is best known for being one of the world’s largest platforms helping developers and technologists find the answers they need, when they need them. The company spent the last 13 years building one of the largest developer communities in the world that is visited by more than 100 million people every month, making its public question-and-answer platform one of the most popular websites in the world.

The company’s private knowledge sharing platform, Stack Overflow for Teams, helps thousands of high-performing organizations around the world capture institutional knowledge, scale subject matter experts, and onboard new employees and technologies faster. It was included on G2’s list of Best Content Management Products for 2022 and named a leader in G2’s Knowledge Management category for the last 12 consecutive quarters. Content Health solves the outdated content problem by flagging old or inaccurate content in Stack Overflow for Teams and proactively prompts team members to make updates. After 90 days, monthly editing activity increased by over 600 percent among Stack Overflow for Teams customers with the initial, limited release of Content Health.

Content Health features and capabilities include:

  • Notifications: Users receive prompts via email and their personalized “For You” feed when their answers or questions are identified as potentially out-of-date.
  • Content Review Queues: The dashboard enables users to easily prioritize which content to review based on its age and popularity. Users can verify, edit, close, or mark content as obsolete.
  • Archiving Option: Admins can mark content as obsolete so posts are locked, demoted within search, and clearly marked that the knowledge is irrelevant and outdated without losing historical context.
  • Configurable Priority Settings: Admins can decide how they prioritize knowledge for review and corrective action based on criteria such as last updated date, frequency of use, and tagged topics.

“Like most enterprises our size, we have a complex tech stack and a large, distributed team. We rely on Stack Overflow for Teams to help scale our subject matter experts across time zones,” said Adele Hardwick, Senior Versitilist Engineer at 84.51°. “Having a holistic view of how up-to-date content is with Content Health helps us better understand where knowledge gaps exist across the team and where team members could be getting stuck so that we can fix it.”

To learn more about Content Health and Stack Overflow for Teams, visit https://stackoverflow.com/teams/.