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“We don’t have questions that are unanswered more than a couple minutes. It just doesn’t happen. The user adoption and engagement with the platform has been very impressive.”
Tyler McDougall Development Team Lead at IMC

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What it solves for


Increases team productivity and helps onboard new hires faster by centralizing knowledge in an simple and easy-to-use format.


Knowledge stays fresh instead of going stale in wikis, Confluence, or SharePoint.


Prevents knowledge from getting lost in emails and chat apps and reduces repeat questions that impact productivity.


Helps prevent institutional knowledge loss by continually and organically capturing proprietary knowledge.


Accelerates the adoption of org-wide initiatives by increasing employee involvement and engagement.

How do I setup my local dev environment?

Active2 days ago
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Can someone give me an overview of the building blocks and tools involved to build and run on my non-Windows OS?

Crystal Najera Shaun Beck

On MacOS you need to run a shell script called from your CLI. When running under Windows LocalSetup needs PowerShell to show the menu system and we can assume it’s there on pretty much all recent builds. However, it isn’t installed by default on MacOS and Linux so we need to make sure that we have PowerShell Core installed and executable prior to running .

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Engineers should help solve the hardest questions, the unknowns, where being familiar with how the product was built is essential. But we don’t want to keep answering solved problems over and over again. That’s where Stack Overflow for Teams really helps.
Suyog Rao
Director of Engineering, Elastic Cloud

Want to see how Stack Overflow for Teams can empower teams in your organization?

Enterprise-grade Security with Single Sign-on

Build a knowledge base that keeps proprietary knowledge secure.

Security accreditations including SOC and ISO 27001

Fits within existing workflows

Ask and answer questions directly in Slack and Microsoft Teams with seamless out-of-the-box integrations.

Microsoft Teams and Slack screenshot

Flexible formats for knowledge sharing

Capture knowledge through Q&A or through long-form article

Articles feature in Stack Overflow for Teams

Group content by Collections

Group by themes and help coworkers discover related content

Example Collections screenshot

Measure engagement with our Dashboard

See how your team is engaging with knowledge over time.

Dashboard metrics including new questions

Want to see how Stack Overflow for Teams can empower teams in your organization?

Frequently asked questions about Stack Overflow for Teams

Which integrations are currently available for Stack Overflow for Teams?

We offer out of the box integrations for Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, GitHub, and Okta. We also offer a flexible API, to allow for custom integrations that meet your needs.

How do I know my information is secure?

Thousands of customers trust us to keep their proprietary data safe. We have a team of experts and robust security measures in place to ensure the highest level of protection.

Information Security - Our robust information security program is built on the reputable ISO 27001 framework.

Architecture - Your data is logically isolated into its own SQL schema and stored in separate databases, accessible only by requests from your team.

Encryption - All customer data is encrypted when in transit over public networks and within our network between the private Teams network zone and the rest of our infrastructure.

Security Certifications - We operate according to Support Privacy Shield and GDPR.

What does onboarding look like?

We have offerings and support to fit every organization’s unique needs, all with a focus on adoption and long-term engagement of the platform. Our team has years of expertise on community building and helping our customers integrate workflows and APIs, customize onboarding and training, and build bespoke internal marketing programs.

How do I get employees to adopt Stack Overflow for Teams?

We have a full plan to help you roll this out to your team. It starts with you identifying and coordinating with a group of early users - we like to call these the “founding members” of your team. They’re going to help you populate content, set community guidelines and encourage usage both short and long-term.

How long does full adoption take?

You can start to see the benefits within 60-90 days. You’ll be working with your founding members to add content, educating your internal teams and stakeholders about the benefits they’ll see, and start bringing people onto the platform. It doesn’t take long for people to see the benefit for themselves - especially if they are someone who gets a lot of the same questions over and over again. They can answer that question once, then point everyone to the Teams link in the future.